The Arvegenix Leadership Team

120+ years of commercial agriculture experience 

Jerry Steiner

30 year Monsanto, Ret. EVP of Monsanto Global Corporate Affairs, Sustainability, and other Senior Business Roles

Dr. Tim Ulmasov

Former Monsanto and professor at University of Missouri. 30 years experience in biotechnology, oil and product development.

Dr. Mark Messmer
Plant Breeding / Agronomy Lead

Former Lead of Monsanto North America corn breeding Program

Dr. Cris Handel
VP of Operations

10 years in corporate strategy and sustainability. Former McKinsey & Co.

Dr. John Sedbrook
Molecular Genetics

Ph.D. in Genetics, Univ. of Wisconsin, Professor at ISU (Illinois State University)

Dr Jerry Hjelle

30+ years at Monsanto, where he was vice president of regulatory affairs. Former president of ILSI

The Complete Arvegenix Team

Board Members:

Jerry Steiner (chair), Dennis Plummer, Charles Bolten, Rick Holton, Hobart Beeghly

Initial (Retired) Founders:

Dennis Plummer, Mike Roth, Vijay Chauhan

Early Investors:


We also value the contributions of our partnerships and relationships with Universities, Farmers, Investor Groups, Government organizations and 39 North AgTech /Plant Science Innovation Division

Office building



Arvegenix is located right in the middle of 39N, a complete Ag tech innovation district located in St. Louis.
Arvegenix has office and lab space at the Helix Center,
uses molecular genetic lab space at Bridge Park
and does all greenhouse and tissue culture work at the Danforth Center.